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Do you want to take action to help vulnerable families secure a decent income and protect the planet? When you invest with Alterfin, every euro counts. Become an Alterfin co-op member!

Joining us is easy: you can become a co-op member for as little as 62.50 euros (250 euros if you’re a non-profit organization or a company).

Three reasons to become an Alterfin co-op member

Impact on people and planet

• You create financial inclusion for vulnerable people.

• You help smallholder farmers secure an income for their families.

• You help underserved agricultural businesses.

• You support sustainable agriculture with a positive impact on the environment.

A return on your investment

• You can benefit from a tax deduction equating to 5% of your investment.

• You can receive an annual share of the profits, depending on our financial results.

• Your potential dividend is exempt from or subject to lower withholding tax.

Collective action

• You join more than 6,000 like-minded co-op members who all want to create a fair world.

• You have full transparency on the projects financed with your investment.

• It is your co-operative: you are involved in the decision-making process during the Annual General Meeting.

They’ve already joined Alterfin

Every small step counts as we move towards an inclusive, sustainable and socially responsible economy. But a few million euros aren’t enough to change a system that destroys the planet and creates inequality. That’s why I believe in working together and in global solidarity: alone, we go faster, but together, we go further.


I like to travel and discover the differences between countries. When I visit a country, I want to contribute to the local economy, but often I don't know how. For me, investing in Alterfin shares is the answer.


Alterfin is an excellent alternative to traditional bank investments. You don't have to invest large sums to become a co-op member and support the transition to a fair world.


I spent a long time looking for a meaningful way to invest my savings. Investments with big banks don’t appeal to me because I don’t think their commitment to sustainability goes far enough. I’m willing to take risks when the cause seems worthwhile; my goal isn’t just to see my money grow.

Marie Jeanne

Alterfin’s work has a positive influence on the quality of life of many hard-working smallholder producers. Alterfin analyzes the social and environmental impact of each investment, which is really valuable. The savings we invest via Alterfin help make a difference for millions of families.


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Consult the information note

Investing in cooperative shares at Alterfin involves certain risks. Investors are exposed to the risk of losing all or part of the investment. Before buying shares, potential investors should carefully read the information note.

a certified approach

The B Corp certification recognizes and rewards an organization’s efforts and achievements with regard to the environment, social responsibility and governance.

The Fair trade at work certification rewards companies and organizations that make fair trade their top criterion for procurement.

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