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together, Let’s invest in sustainable development

Since 1994, Alterfin has financed the development of social enterprises around the world to provide a sustainable income for the most vulnerable people. With the financial support of over 6,000 co-op members, we help more than 4 million families make a decent living, all while having a positive impact on our planet.

Who are we?

Alterfin is a Belgian social co-operative that offers everyone an investment opportunity to generate a positive social, environmental and economic impact. Today, Alterfin has 70 million euros in capital and gathers:

individual co-op members
companies and organizations

What do we do?

Our co-op members’ money is invested through loans into two types of organizations that help the most disadvantaged people develop an economic activity:

microfinance institutions
sustainable smallholder agriculture organizations
Why microfinance institutions?

Microfinance institutions (MFIs) work at the heart of local communities and are an essential part of sustainable development. They offer loans, insurance and savings products that are designed to help micro-entrepreneurs looking to develop an economic activity. In these communities, traditional banking channels don’t exist or don’t offer services that meet these micro-entrepreneurs’ needs.

Why sustainable smallholder agriculture organizations?

These organizations, ranging from co-operatives to small- and medium-sized agricultural enterprises, create stable market opportunities for farmers and provide them with additional support. They stimulate job creation in rural economies and enable producers to increase their income, to engage in sustainable agriculture and to improve their resilience to climate change.

By providing loans, we can leverage our resources and support more projects: whenever one of our partners repays their loan, we have additional resources to finance other projects. This creates a virtuous circle that increases our impact on the ground.  

Where do we work?

We focus on low- and middle-income countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia. We invest in places where we can make a difference and we focus on areas where access to finance remains limited.

Our team

We’re an international team of more than 35 people from more than 15 countries, working on 4 continents.

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Our impact

We facilitate change. Our investments enable the most vulnerable people to secure a decent income and help protect the environment to create a fair world.

Why invest?

Joining us is easy: you can become a co-op member for as little as 62.50 euros (250 euros if you’re a non-profit organization or a company).

Consult the information note

Investing in cooperative shares at Alterfin involves certain risks. Investors are exposed to the risk of losing all or part of the investment. Before buying shares, potential investors should carefully read the information note.


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