The Alterfin Guarantee Fund

unlocking our partners’ potential for a greater impact

We created the ngo Alterfin Guarantee Fund in 2000. Our objective: to provide more than financing by offering the support our partners need for their development.

The fund’s mission

Alterfin invests funds to support partners with little or no access to the traditional financial sector because of their ‘high-risk’ profile. For them to be able to develop and maximize their social and environmental impact, they need support that goes beyond mere financing.

With the Alterfin Guarantee Fund, we can expand our services to encourage our partners’ long-term growth and help them earn the trust of other stakeholders (investors, financing organizations, buyers, etc.).

The Alterfin Guarantee Fund is financed by donations from individuals and institutions, and currently has about two million euros at its disposal.

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Thanks to our collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation, donations to the Alterfin Guarantee Fund are entitled to a 45% tax deduction.

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1. A guarantee for those excluded from the financing system

Many of our partners have the potential to generate a significant social and environmental impact, but their financial and/or operational performance isn’t strong enough.

The Alterfin Guarantee Fund provides guarantees to improve our partners’ risk profile; thus enabling us to offer them loans with better terms. With this targeted financing, organizations can grow and improve their performance.

2. Currency hedging for small partners

Thanks to the Alterfin Guarantee Fund, Alterfin can also hedge against currency risk when providing financing in local currencies. Our smaller partners have financing needs that are too small to access traditional hedging. We can provide them with the local currency loans they need, while protecting them and Alterfin from currency risks.

3. Technical assistance to strengthen our partners’ capacities

The Alterfin Guarantee Fund also increases the impact of Alterfin’s work by offering financing technical assistance to boost our partners’ institutional, financial, operational, social and environmental performance.

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