Investing in shares contains risks: consult the prospectus before you invest

Investing in the shares involves certain risks. An investor is exposed to the risk of losing all or part of his investment. You are about to purchase a product that is not simple and may be difficult to understand.

Each of these risk factors must be carefully studied and assessed before investing in the shares, especially:

  • The shares are registered (nominatives) and there is no market on which the shares can be traded. Although it is possible for a shareholder to withdraw and transfer the shares, this causes a limited liquidity.
  • In the case a shareholder wants to exit or transfer the shares, he/she will only be repaid at the maximum of the nominal value of the shares.

Before buying cooperative shares, potential investors should carefully read the prospectus 2022.

We declare that the approval of the prospectus is not understood as an endorsement of the securities offered by Alterfin.