This page outlines our clear grievances and complaints mechanism, which empowers you to get the support you deserve.

At Alterfin, we take complaints and grievances seriously. If you feel that you've been adversely impacted by one of Alterfin’s actions, you can easily lodge a grievance using this form.

We will keep you informed about expected response times and progress while always maintaining the confidentiality of your complaint.

Grievances should contain the following information:

  • The identity of the complainant(s): name(s), address(es) and other contact information.
  • A description of the project financed, carried out, or under consideration by Alterfin SC, as far as the complainant knows.
  • A description of the situation that is the subject of the complaint:
    • Environmental or social impacts: a statement of how the complainant believes it has been, or is likely to be, affected by the project's environmental and/or social impacts.
    • Governance and business integrity: a description of what the complainant believes to be non-compliance with laws or regulations or deviation from good governance or business integrity practices.
  • An explanation of any actions already taken in an attempt to resolve the problem, if applicable.
    • Such actions could include, but are not limited to, contact with Alterfin SC staff or investee, relevant dispute resolution forums, local authorities, and legal actions.

You can download the Grievances and Complaints Form and send it to by email or to Avenue des arts 7-8, 1210 Brussels, Belgium by letter.

Please note that grievances not written in English, Dutch, French, or Spanish may take longer to be processed due to translation.